Linguistics in Higher Education (LiHE) Call for proposals: LSA 2014 special session: Linguistics Beyond Linguistics Programs

Linguistics in Higher Education (LiHE)
Call for proposals: LSA 2014 special session:
Linguistics Beyond Linguistics Programs

In this organized session, we will discuss the contributions that linguistics can make to other majors (TESOL, MLL, communicative disorders, pre-law, etc.), as well as interdisciplinary influences of linguistics across the curriculum, including general education courses. Presenters will share strategies for successfully proposing and implementing courses for non-linguistics majors, or linguistics courses that could accommodate a wider range of majors, at their institutions.

This theme is directly tied to the LiHE charge in that it will:

– Serve as a resource for those concerned about the incorporation of linguistic content into broader, interdisciplinary enterprises by showcasing diverse ways in which departments are offering courses to the general student population.

– Help promote the development and sustenance of linguistics programs and departments by demonstrating ways in which some linguistics programs provide service to other programs at their home universities.

– Assist programs and departments with recruiting and retaining talented students, undergraduate majors and degree candidates since it is often the case that students are unaware of linguistics as a major until taking a linguistics class.

– Demonstrate the utility of linguistic study in the preparation of students for a variety of careers.

Proposals are requested for 7-15 minute panel presentations or posters on related topics, including (exact length will be determined based on number of participants):

– Innovative general education courses

– Interdisciplinary courses (possibly co-taught with faculty outside of linguistics)

– “Linguistics for _______ majors” courses – specialized linguistics courses for specific professions.

– Collaborations with other departments across the curriculum

Please submit a short (200-500 word) abstract describing the topic you would like to discuss during the organized session
by Tuesday, May 7th to
Along with the abstract, please indicate the following:

Name(s) of presenter(s), Affiliation and administrative title (if any), and preference for panel or poster

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